Diet Chef - Low calorie diets

Diet Chef is a low calorie diet that will help you shift the pounds – and keep them off.

Chef prepared meals

If you’re sick of following weight loss plans that stop you from eating all your favourite dishes then our low calorie diet is for you. All our meals are specially prepared by our expert chef to ensure they contain a healthy number of calories. All you need to do is simply warm them up at home and add your own vegetables.

A diet with the food you love

Curries, pasta, creamy soups and tasty snacks are all on the menu with Diet Chef and because our meals are portion controlled, you’ll learn to only eat until you’re full – meaning the weight will soon be falling off.

Proven to work

Clinical studies show that people following a delivered meal plan such as Diet Chef are far more likely to be successful in their attempt to lose weight than those who follow other low calorie diets and prepare their meals at home. What is more, 61 per cent of individuals on Diet Chef lose five per cent of their body weight within 12 weeks.

It’s so easy

With Diet Chef, you don’t feel like you’re dieting, which means you’re much more likely to stick with it. While other low calorie diets might promise quick-fix solutions, Diet Chef is a long-term plan that will keep the weight off for good.

So why not give us a call and browse some of the delicious meals featured on our website to see how soon you could start shedding the pounds.

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