Johanna's Diet Chef story

It made me realise a smaller portion is enough to completely fill me up.

The moment I decided to do ‘something' about my weight was during a family holiday to Spain. Waiting to board the plane I remember thinking we must be the fattest family in departures! Whilst on holiday we decided to all lose weight together – me, my mom and my brother. We took action there and then and looked up Diet Chef on the ipad. We even placed an order so it would arrive as soon as we got home.

I yoyo dieted most my life but never found anything that really worked for me. Ive tried every diet - Weightwatchers, Slimming World, Cambridge, Cabbage Soup, Tescos Diets, Atkins, Slimfast, Adios, laxatives - all sorts and everything!!

Following the birth of daughter my weight ballooned to 238lbs. Having always struggled to lose weight previously I thought to myself how am I ever going to successfully diet being a single parent to my 26 month old and juggling a full-time job. My life was busy to say the least.

After doing Diet Chef for four months I lost 38lbs. I still plan to lose a little more so that I can comfortably fit a size 8. The biggest thing I've learned with Diet Chef is portion control and drinking plenty of water. I used to eat 3 times the amount I eat with Diet Chef, and the amazing realisation is that is enough to completely fill me up.

The most impressive thing about this diet, apart from the amazing results - is that its actually gorgeous food and SO convenient!!!

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