Sheila's Diet Chef story

Diet Chef helped me change my eating habits for good

It had been a long time since I had been a size 8 or 10 but it was a real awakening when I had to buy a size 18 coat! I couldn’t ignore my size any more. I also have mirrored wardrobes so I remember sitting on my bed and I caught sight of my reflection and I thought – is that really me?

I also felt concerned about the health issues associated with being overweight. At my age I need to be careful, I was very worried about getting diabetes and I’d noticed how much my knee joints had started aching when I climbed the stairs. I had to do something. I had tried various but found I wasn’t able to stick to them for very long.

My son and his fiancé were losing weight with Diet Chef in the lead up to their wedding. Intrigued by their success with it, I decided to do it myself.

I made a plan to lose 42lbs in 3 months and did it almost to the day! I was feeling very determined to lose my excess weight and I knew Diet Chef was just a phone call away, offering support when needed.

I had lost 7lbs in my first week. I continued weighing myself every Saturday morning and was losing on average between 2-4lbs every week. At the 4 week milestone, I had lost 14lbs! My friends and family were noticing the difference in me, and asking what I was doing to lose the weight. My weight and measurements were decreasing, I was beginning to have a lot more energy and was already feeling much healthier.

That was over two years ago and since then I’ve lost a further 21lbs and am a slim size 6. Diet Chef helped me change my eating habits for good. I learned portion control, I can eat what I want but I just make sure I don’t overeat. There are no banned or miracle food – It’s about getting the right balance.

It’s also helped me get into a regular eating pattern which means I never get really hungry. I still weigh myself regularly. When I didn’t my weight crept back up. It’s easy to kid yourself about how much you eat, if you don’t keep an eye on it. And importantly I make sure I eat tasty food that I enjoy, food should never be bland.

If I overhear people talking about their weight problems, I’m desperate to tell them the answer is Diet Chef – I have to stop myself sometimes!

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