Vicky's Diet Chef story

I lost 77lbs with Diet Chef.

As a child I was always overweight, I was bullied and emotionally ate food for comfort. I used food to escape stress in life and feel good. I had tried every fad diet and even stupidly ordered diet pills on the internet. I thought there was no way for me to lose weight naturally and had booked a consultation for plastic surgery. I felt I needed to do something this drastic to change the way I looked.

One day I stepped on the scales and saw 196lbs, at only 5ft2 that put me in the obese category. Obese is not a word anyone wants to associate with themselves. I felt so down. I am a singer, who would want to book me the way I looked.

I came across Diet Chef on the internet and liked that the plans included real food. Don’t get me wrong you still need will power to stay on the diet but if you eat what Diet chef gives you, you will lose weight even if your one of those people who say ” my metabolism is rubbish, I won’t ever lose weight” I was one of those people and look what I have achieved. Before Diet chef I was 196lbs and now I am 119lbs that’s 77lbs!!

Diet Chef was my Angel. Without it I would have kept creeping up those scales and weight would have effected my whole life in a negative way. I wouldn’t be a performer, I wouldn’t be happy and I wouldn’t be slim!

Thank you for all your support I’ve been telling the whole world about your fantastic diet!

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