Taka Dahl

Suitable for vegetarians

So filling and easy to eat this dish tastes absolutely amazing. A great blend of yellow split peas, chickpeas and red lentils with carrots and red peppers all in a gently curried and spiced creamy coconut sauce. One of my favourite vegetarian dishes in the range.

Why not try...

Why not try: with 40g of dry weight cooked basmati rice and a cucumber, red onion and mint salad with coriander riatta.

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Pack weight: 300g Energy per pack: 351 kcal (1469)


Water, Chickpeas (8%), Onion (8%), Tomatoes, Carrot (7%), Red Peppers (5%), Red Lentils (4%), Yellow Split Peas, Green Lentils (4%), Rapeseed Oil, Creamed Coconut, Ginger, Vegetable Stock (Vegetable Concentrates (Carrot, Onion, Leek, Garlic), Water, White Wine Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Corn Starch, Tomato Paste, Sunflower Oil, Parsley, White Pepper), Cornflour, Lemon Juice, Tomato Puree, Garlic, Coriander, Curry Powder (<2%) (Coriander, Turmeric, Salt, Allspice, Ginger, Fenugreek, Garlic Powder, Pepper, Cumin, Red Pepper, Bay), Red Chilli (<2%), Turmeric, Salt, Cumin Seeds.


Store in a cool, dry cupboard and use by the best before date.

Typical Nutritional Values

Per Serving (300g) Per 100g
Energy 351 kcal ( kJ) 117 kcal (490 kJ)
Fat 14.4g
(of which saturates 6g)
(of which saturates 2g)
Carbohydrate 36g
(of which sugars 5.1g)
(of which sugars 1.7g)
Fibre 10.5g 3.5g
Protein 13.5g 4.5g
Salt 1.2g 0.4g
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