So how does Diet Chef work?

In a nutshell


What you get

We give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for each day of the month, you just add fresh fruit, veg and dairy.


Loads of choices

You choose from 100 delicious, nutritionally balanced options and we deliver in a plain box to home or work.


Lose more

Our customers lose 50% more weight than those on a self-directed diet* because we make losing weight simple.


Easy storage

Our food is cooked sous vide, to seal in the goodness without preservatives – so no need to refrigerate or freeze.

Save money

Save money

If you are thinking that sounds expensive, think again – Diet Chef costs just £6.61 per day! That works out less than the cost of a coffee and a cake! 60% of our customers save money on Diet Chef.

Get started now

Find out more about why Diet Chef works

If you want to find out even more about why Diet Chef works please click on the grey buttons and you can download our Clinical Study and Health Professionals pdfs.

If you are looking for any other info please contact us or talk to us via live chat.

*The HONEI Research Institute
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