Easter weekend only...Get Diet Chef for just £100!

The Easter weekend has arrived and the promise of chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs is no doubt making many a mouth water! Unfortunately though, there’s a lot of truth to the saying "a moment on your lips, a lifetime on your hips" – and it’s not just the hips that suffer. 61% of people in Britain are obese, but losing just 10% of their body weight could significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer.

That’s where Diet Chef comes in. Did you know that our customers lose 50% more than dieters on a self-directed diet?* What’s more, we have an awesome Easter offer for you! Order now and get our 4 week plan for just £100** - LESS THAN HALF PRICE – then save £65 every month! That’s a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack for just £3.57 a day in your first month. Perfect if you want to enjoy Easter, safe in the knowledge that you’re all set to get back on track and start losing weight after the long weekend.

Take advantage of our better-than-half-price offer, ending Monday 21st, and start your journey to a healthier, happier and slimmer you!

Here’s why over 100,000 people chose Diet Chef:

  • Chef prepared meals delivered to your door monthly
  • Over 100 delicious choices – all calorie counted for you
  • Easy to prepare, ready in 3 minutes
  • It really works! Read our independent reviews on Trustpilot
Only £100 1st month
Choose meals

Clicking "Choose meals" will add our favourite selection automatically – and if you want to change any of the meals included, simply click on the “plus” & "minus" buttons in your basket and you can swap for your choice of dishes.

*The HONEI Research Institute **£100 for first month (saving £145), then £180 a month after that (saving £65 a month). Minimum commitment 4 weeks.
Please note that all Diet Chef meal plans are rolling subscriptions. Once your 4 week plan is over, you will automatically be placed on an ongoing, monthly subscription at £180/month, receiving a hamper every four weeks, to make your continued weight loss journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible. If you do not wish to receive any further hampers after your 4 week plan, you need to contact us and cancel your subscription.
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