Gina and Tony's Diet Chef story

Gina and Tony
Gina and Tony
Since losing the weight our lives have completely changed.

We've tried dieting in the past but we had always found them so hard to stick with because the food often doesn't taste great and it can be hard to find the time to prepare nice healthy meals. We enjoy swimming, walking and running but had found that our weight and fitness had got so bad it was hard to enjoy any simple exercise now without feeling exhausted.

We first saw Diet Chef advertised on TV and thought that it sounded like something that would fit into our busy lifestyles. We were actually surprised with how great everything tasted considering how easy everything was to prepare.

We love the food and each of us has our favourites. We don’t need our Friday night takeaways any-more because the Chicken Curry dish with a little rice tastes just as good and we don’t feel hungry after the meals. We have even caught the rest of our family stealing some of our meals!

After three months on the plan I managed to lose 26 lbs and Tony had lost 66lbs. It is definitely the healthiest we've ever felt.

Since losing the weight our lives have completely changed. We are now exercising every single day and running three times a week. We are spending more time out walking and enjoying the outdoors with each other

Our friends have noticed the difference as well. They can really see our new found confidence and when I meet people I haven’t seen for a while they don’t recognise me!

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