How Diet Chef works, all the info you need....

It’s easy

“Diet Chef is simple to follow, just three minutes in the microwave and you’re done. There’s so much variety that I’m never bored” Tara
  • No cooking, measuring, counting or weighing
  • Calorie counting and portion control all done for you
  • Easy to prepare: Just pierce pack and heat in a microwave for 2-3mins*

It’s tasty

“I never once felt like I was on a diet or being deprived as the food is so tasty and surprisingly filling” Megan
  • Delicious chef prepared meals, delivered to your door each month
  • No foods banned – enjoy meatballs to pasta or chili to lasagna!
  • Complement meals with your own choice of varied fresh fruit, vegetables and salads

It’s effective

“I lost 7lbs in the first two weeks. My husband and I have lost over 98lbs between us” Holly
  • Encourages frequent eating to prevent cravings
  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Our customers experience great results, checkout our reviews on trustpilot

Weight loss results may vary and are different for each individual.


Here’s how it works....

Start losing weight today!
step 1

Order your
plan online

Order your plan online
  • Takes only a few minutes
  • Choose from our extensive range of chef-prepared meals
step 2

Receive your food
by mail

Receive your food by post
  • Arrives within 1-2 working days - at home or work
  • No need to store in fridge or freezer
step 3

Cook your meals in
less than 3 mins

Cook your meals in less than 3 mins
  • Just pierce pack and heat in a microwave for 2-3mins
  • Just add your own fresh fruit, vegetables and drinks
step 4

Feel great!

Feel great!
  • Join our 150,000 happy customers
  • Become slimmer and healthier
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Find out more about how Diet Chef works

If you want to find out even more about why Diet Chef works please click on the grey buttons and you can download our Clinical Study and Health Professionals pdfs.

If you are looking for any other info please contact us.

* Remove sleeve, pierce film in several places to vent steam. Microwave on HIGH for 2-3 minutes or until hot. Remember microwave ovens vary and heating times may need to be adjusted. Once heated, carefully remove the film & enjoy. CAUTION: product will be hot.
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