Caro's Diet Chef Story

From day one I found the meals tasty and satisfying.


Last year I attended a big reunion with a group of friends who had come from all around the world. They are all stylish and inspirational women in their own right but when the subsequent photos came out I looked like a hippo in comparison! It was time to face facts that I'd let myself go since turning 50.

New Year was a turning point I made a determined decision to make a positive step towards a new me. Having worked out that a delivery diet would be the best-fit for my busy lifestyle as a high school teacher, single mum and manager of the Lancashire Wolverine Colts and staff member of the Great Britain American Football teams, I ‘weighed’ up the various brands on offer and decided that Diet Chef was by far the best value and most like ‘normal’ eating.

January 3rd was ‘D’ day – or should that be ‘DC’ day? From day one I found the meals tasty and satisfying. Being a long-time vegetarian, I chose the Diet Chef veggie alternatives and added lots of extra veg and salad to my main meal each day which helped.

By Easter I had sold all my size 14 clothes on an auction site and was well on the way to ditching the 12s too! By June I had lost a total of 34lbs and was wearing size 10 and 8. After a brief period of plateau – but no gain – as I reintroduced other foods, I lost a further 7lbs by September. In total I have lost almost 3st doing Diet Chef.

Thanks to Diet Chef I have a new look, new energy and best of all I now need a size M top for American Football as the men’s XL kit I used to wear drowns me!

I will definitely buy deliveries of Diet Chef in the future to help maintain my weight. Meanwhile I have to thank Diet Chef for helping me feel great instead of like a hippo.

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