Susan's Diet Chef Story

I look 10 years younger!


During a routine check-up with my doctor, I was shocked to learn I was borderline diabetic. My blood sugar levels were rising and I was advised to try losing some weight and start exercising. At the age of 67 and at 11st 8lbs, I didn't think it would be possible to lose weight – but I was wrong.

Following changes in my lifestyle (retirement and the introduction of grandchildren), I found that although I led a relatively healthy way of life, the pounds had gradually piled on. My body confidence was at an all-time low.

Having seen TV adverts for Diet Chef, I signed myself up for their eight week plan and found it so easy to stick to. I began walking every day and took up Pilates. The weight dropped off. Following this initial success, I continued my monthly subscription and have managed to successfully lose 3st. I am now the weight I was forty years ago!

At Christmas my son even commented that I looked 10 years younger!

I now feel so well and am so much more confident that I have agreed to speak at a local weight loss group, to help inspire and encourage others to lose weight.

I can't thank Diet Chef enough!

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