Food Related Questions

The meals are developed by our Executive Chef then prepared, sealed in a pouch or tray and cooked in a pressure cooker.

The microwave is the most convenient way to heat up the meals but you can also open the pouches and heat in a pan on a conventional stove.

In order to provide you with a wide range of meals which can be stored suitably, and also reheated easily, our team have worked with suppliers to prepare meals using a Sous Vide method of cooking.

Sous Vide is French for "under vacuum". It is a method of cooking in which food is sealed in airtight packing then placed in a temperature-controlled steam environment. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and retain moisture.

Because it is sealed in the packages, the aromatics are retained, not lost in the steam. The cooking process ensures that the food is totally cleared of any bacteria, which makes the food safe for long periods, without the use of unnecessary preservatives.

Other meal options, are prepared using traditional cooking and packing methods.

This means you can store all of your Diet Chef meals at room temperature, without the need to take up space in your fridge/freezer.

We do encourage you to add fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet each day. Included in your Diet Guide are some suggestions.

Yes we do. We have lots of lunch and dinner meals that are suitable for vegetarians. Lots of our breakfasts and snacks are suitable.

Health Questions

Most healthy people can meet their nutritional needs through eating a varied, balanced diet. Your diet should include foods from all major food groups as different foods provide different nutrients. This means that the nutrient content of your plan will vary greatly depending upon your own personal choice and preferences, however you have the freedom to select exactly what you want - remember in addition you will get plenty of nutrients from extras that complement your diet chef plan like fruit, vegetables and milk.

Should you have a particular dietary requirement we always recommend you speak with your own health professional for specific advice.

Whether you have a lot or a little weight to lose Diet Chef can help you reach your weight loss goals. We support recommended healthy, sustainable weight loss. In reality weight loss results may vary due to a variety of personal factors - remember everybody is different. Why not try our Free Profile & BMI Calculator on our home page, this will give you your individual calorie prescription for weight loss.

While you are pregnant we don't recommend reducing your calorie intake. We suggest you speak with your doctor or other medical professional who will be able to advise you further. When breastfeeding you don't need to eat anything special like most it's about eating a balanced, healthy diet. Diet chef is perfect after you are no longer breastfeeding but still hoping to shed a few pounds however initially we don't recommend dieting due to the increased energy requirements you might need at this time unless you have discussed this with your family doctor, midwife or healthcare professional.

Studies have shown that if you are looking about losing weight and are diabetic even a small amount of weight loss could have significant health benefits. As with any medical condition it's always best to check with your healthcare professional before attempting to lose weight. All of our meals are REAL food and we provide full nutritional information on our website this way you have the full freedom and control to choose your own meals meaning you can select whatever suits you the best!

Unfortunately we cannot cater for a gluten free diet at this moment in time.

Our chef has developed a delicious range of vegetarian options to choose from - when selecting your meals we have put a vegetarian symbol next to the food suitable to eat if you are following a vegetarian diet. Unfortunately we cannot cater for a vegan diet at this moment in time.

We always advise as with any medical condition you check with your health care professional although there shouldn't be any problem with you following Diet Chef. Studies have shown that small amounts of weight loss can improve symptoms for PCOS sufferers who are looking to lose weight.

A recent study by the HONEI (Human Obesity, Nutrition, Education and Innovation) project at the University of Hull, England, has shown weight loss to be significantly greater in people using Diet Chef when compared to those following a dietician-supported self-directed plan after 4, 6 and 8 weeks. We also meet all best practice standards following NIHCE guideline 43 (Obesity: guidance on the prevention, identification, assessment and management of overweight and obesity in adults and children, clinical guideline 43, London Dec 2006)

Unfortunately at this point in time we cannot provide halal or kosher meat however we do provide everybody with a vegetarian option.

You don't have to exercise to lose weight with Diet Chef but we do recommend exercise if you can as part of leading a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't have to be strenuous activity why not try walking or swimming or try to fit some exercise into your daily life.

Nothing is banned on the Diet Chef plan so you won't be left feeling deprived - just be careful with ‘calorie dense' items like alcohol which will have considerably more calories. Our Diet Guide gives you some great tips on what to drink and also what not to!

Yes, Diet Chef is a calorie-controlled healthy eating plan designed to help you lose weight. The most successful way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat fewer calories than what your body uses. We have a helpful online tool to help you keep track.

Website Questions

Once you start the buying process you can select each meal within your plan to meet your own taste requirements.

It's as safe as can be. Here at Diet Chef we take your online security very seriously and have in place the latest online security encryption software to ensure your details are safe. We are an ISIS and ISID accredited retailer so you know your online security is assured when shopping with Diet Chef.

No problem, just click on the forgotten password link and enter your email address. We will then email your password to you so you can login to your account.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to My Account then clicking on the Cancel button. You can use the same part of the website to delay your next hamper if you are going on holiday or are going off the diet for a short period.

Customer Service Questions

If you have purchased directly from Diet Chef and wish to exchange any items, you can do so provided that you are exchanging within 14 days of receipt. All we ask is that you email info@dietchef.co.uk who will issue a Return Authorisation Number (RAN) please enclose a letter quoting this number when returning items along with the reason for your return and details of the items you are returning. Please send any items (unfortunately at your own cost) to:

Diet Chef Ltd
Unit 6
Cliftonhall Yards
Newbridge One
EH28 8QN

Don't worry - you can eat normal food! The Diet Guide has lots of tips for eating out in all the common types of restaurant.


Orders will be shipped for delivery within 24 hours of your order being placed or the first working day if ordered at the weekend.

Orders received by 3:30 p.m. are shipped for delivery next working day to most areas.

Orders received after 3:30 p.m. will be shipped a day later.

You will be sent an email and/or text message when your hamper is shipped with details of the courier online tracking system so you can track your hamper through the delivery process.

In most parts of the UK you will be texted with a one hour delivery window.

We use a secure courier service to make sure your Diet Chef order reaches you safe and sound.

Standard delivery = FREE on all Pay monthly plans

We aim to get your order to you as quickly as possible so that you can get started with Diet Chef. Generally delivery is next working day or two working days for remote areas.

We use UK-Mail for all of our shipping in the UK and other couriers including DHL for orders outside the UK.

Our couriers offer a swift and secure service, and we'll send you delivery updates by email throughout your order.


Measuring your BMI is a great way to check if you are a healthy weight for your height. The calculation divides your weight by your height squared.

BMI helps give you an indication as to whether you are at an increased risk of health problems that are associated with overweight and obesity. In general the higher your BMI the greater your risk of health problems. You can use our Free personal profile to check if you are in a healthy BMI range.

A body mass index calculation is for adults. It uses ranges for each category which takes into consideration that people come in different shapes and sizes.
*please note there are exceptions to the rule please see 'how accurate is BMI'

If you register below 18.5 this means that you may be underweight.
If your are between 18.5 and 24.9 this puts you in the healthy weight range.
If you are between 25 and 29.9 this means you may be overweight.
If your BMI is 30 or above this is classified as obese.

If your BMI falls outside of the "healthy" weight range you may want to talk with your GP or Medical Practitioner about how you can best achieve a healthier body weight. If you are over the healthy weight range you can reduce your BMI by losing weight. This is best achieved by following a healthy eating plan and taking regular exercise if possible. If you are classified as underweight it is not recommended you try to lose weight.

We offer a calorie-controlled, healthy eating plan delivered direct to your door. Click here to learn more about Diet Chef.

It is a useful measurement for the majority of people however it does have limitations:
- Athletes or very muscular people could record higher BMI readings – this is because muscle weighs more than fat and BMI cannot account for this.
- It is a general tool to help people identify people who may be at an increased health risk, it is not a diagnostic tool that determines the overall health of a specific individual.
- If you are pregnant or breastfeeding BMI does not apply.

Waist circumference measurements and waist to hip ratios can also be helpful tools in assessing increased health risks.

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