Debbie's Diet Chef Story

My body shape has changed and I feel fitter and more energetic than I ever did in my younger years. It all seemed so effortless.

1st 8lbs

Christmas last year was a turning point for me, I saw this photo of me and named it ‘pie face'. It made me seriously look at the way I looked. I loathed what stared back at me in the mirror. I resolved to do something to keep the weight off permanently.

I had tried so many diets but I either craved the banned foods or got sick of counting calories and weighing food and turning up each week to a humiliating weigh-in.

I had a goal to work towards, my husband's 50th birthday was approaching and we had just booked the holiday of a lifetime. Three weeks visiting Hawaii, San Francisco and New York, a week in each place!! There was no way I was going to be this size whilst I was there and I was resolute on that point.

I started Diet Chef in January of this year. At my first weigh-in I tipped the scales at 11 stone. Way too big for my small, 5' 3" frame and it showed. After my first week on the plan, I had lost an incredible 3lbs. I was elated.

I joined all of the blogs and the Facebook page and found so much help, support and motivation from people and Diet Chef. I reached my target weight of 9 stone 7 lbs in less than three months. By the time our holiday came around, I had lost another 3lbs. Using everything I had learnt from Diet Chef, I even managed to come back from America another 2lbs lighter. It all seemed so effortless.

I still monitor my calorie intake and am now a regular at the gym. I maintain my weight now. My body shape has changed and I feel fitter and more energetic than I ever did in my younger years. Life is just so good at the moment. The only "downside", (according to my husband), is that I have become addicted to shopping for clothes!!

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