Kerry's Diet Chef Story

I didn’t just lose weight, I changed my relationship with food and rebuilt my confidence.


Over the past 10 years my weight has yo-yoed. I reckon I’ve tried every well-known diet but could never stick to it for long enough for it to make a difference. In March 2011 I was made redundant from a job I loved. I’d worked my socks off for the past 10 years to progress from a temporary PA to a senior management role. The thought of having to attend interviews filled me with dread, not because I didn’t feel I had anything to offer, but because I felt interviewers would see my size and write me off.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself I thought: 'What if I could turn this into a major life changing opportunity?'. To address my fears of attending interviews I knew I had to tackle my weight issue. I didn’t just want to lose weight, I wanted to change my relationship with food forever and rebuild my confidence.

I initially enrolled on a diet programme that meant I gave up conventional food for very low calorie meal replacement shakes and soups. I did it because I couldn’t see any other way. It felt like I was eating reconstituted dust!

Five weeks into the programme I found Diet Chef. The food looked so delicious and tasty. By this point I was utterly fed up with soups and shakes and just wanted the pleasure of eating real food again.

I gave it some considerable thought but decided I was going to give Diet Chef a go. My family were totally supportive – they had expressed doubts about the very low calorie diet, and could easily see that Diet Chef was a much more realistic long-term plan.

After four months doing Diet Chef I lost 3st 2lbs and I’m over the moon. With Diet Chef, I don’t feel deprived at all, in fact I feel amazing. I’ve got a little way to go still but I know, absolutely, that I’ll get there.

And the great news is, I was offered a wonderful new role! I couldn’t have done this without the confidence that I’ve gained from losing so much weight, and Diet Chef has had a huge part to play in that – so thank you Diet Chef!

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