Lizanne's Diet Chef Story

I was shocked how good the meals tasted, I never thought losing weight could be this easy.


I’ve had such success with Diet Chef that I felt I had to share it. I have been on a long, long journey battling with my weight and the usual yo-yo dieting. I have tried all sorts from Slimming World, to Weight Watchers, to Slim Fast, to Herbal Life tablets. I have always been a big girl right from secondary school and have suffered ‘bullying’ and fat jokes. It’s very sad that even adults continue to mock how we look at the age of 35. I had given all hope of ever looking ‘normal’.

Then I saw a friend eating a Diet Chef meal. I quizzed her like it was the Spanish Inquisition! And I thought to myself – ‘not another diet that won’t work’. I told her I thought she was wasting her money. However she encouraged me to try one of the meals and I was extremely surprised to find it tasted like normal food. No yucky shakes or mixing powder with water to make a horrid dinner. I went onto the website and decided that this was going to be my one LAST attempt at ever trying to be ‘normal’ and lose weight. I had spent hundreds if not thousands in the past on other diets – so this was definitely it!

I was very cynical but took the plunge and ordered my first plan with my refer a friend voucher. I was shocked at how good the meals tasted and I still didn’t believe I would lose any weight – not with all these lovely meals NO WAY! Week 1 over – not hungry, but still not convinced I would lose anything eating all these lovely meals… I was shocked when in week 1, I had lost not 1 or 2 pounds but 6!!! Shocked was an understatement. I continued and things slowed down but it kept coming off.

I enjoyed not having the pressure of revealing my weight loss in front of groups of people like with other dieting programmes. I gave myself small, achievable targets and within 8 months I had gone from 14st to 11st.

It really is unbelievable and I have referred so many friends as people are so shocked when they see my transformation! I’d like to lose a little more then I will be able to maintain myself. I feel so much happier and more energetic. I’m not embarrassed to take my daughter swimming or do activities with her now. I feel amazing!

Thank you to all the Diet Chef Team!

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