Simon's Diet Chef story

I'm now healthy, happy and looking so much better. I've had no more scares with my health and my back doesn't ache.

I was 231lbs which is borderline obese for me. I'd been to the doctors with chest pains and had suffered from backache for a few years. I knew I had to lose weight but I have a hectic work schedule and don't have time for complicated diets. That's why I thought I'd try Diet Chef, it looked easy to follow and there was no cooking.

It couldn't have gone better. I lost 14lbs in the first month without even feeling like I'd been on a diet. After three months I'd lost nearly 28lbs. I kept track of my weight loss on the virtual weigh--in and seeing the line heading downwards was a real boost.

The final 14lbs was slower to lose but I kept up with Diet Chef for another two months until I reached my target weight of 189lbs.

We went on a two week holiday whilst on the diet. While we were away I tried to keep to the same discipline of portion control I had learned from the plans and couldn't believe it when I weighed myself when we got home. I'd managed to lose another pound on holiday.

It's now been exactly a year since I bought my first plan but even now, I still include Diet Chef as an important part of my every day eating, but I now get to have the odd take-away, meal out. And I don't have to feel guilty as I've completely retrained the way I eat. My weight tends to hover around the 182lbs mark and have so much more energy, feel really good about myself and absolutely love the fact that when I buy clothes I buy Medium size.

I'm healthy, happy and looking so much better. I've had no more scares with my health, my back doesn't ache and best of all for my partner Gwen – I've stopped snoring, hooray!

Diet Chef really did change my life for the better and it was so easy to do – I can't thank you enough.

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