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Losing weight gave me confidence. I'm also invited out much more as I'm a happier person to be with!


My doctor had been telling me to lose weight for ages, as I had high blood pressure and my waist was 44″. But I only felt motivated when my mum won an OBE, for her work with a homeless charity called Centre 404, and wanted me to go with her to Buckingham Palace. Not having anything to wear was an issue. That's all changed now. Being able to fit into a size 8 clothes again is fantastic.

And it's been so easy. Diet Chef is simple to follow, and I don't feel I'm on a diet as the food is so tasty. Just three minutes in the microwave and you're done. Brilliant! There's so much variety with Diet Chef dishes that I'm never bored.

I love the portion control as it's the one thing I couldn't get right. I'd cook enough food for two and eat it all, and put on weight. Now I also get the portions right when I go out: I know I don't need a large pizza – a small one is enough. Diet Chef stopped my sugar craving of at least one chocolate bar a day. Now if I'm hungry between meals I'll have fruit.

Losing weight gave me the confidence to change. I've chopped my hair into a chocolate bob (before I was grey and mousy). I'm invited out much more as I'm a happier person to be with, and even tried speed dating. I'd never have done it before. When I arrived in my pencil skirt and top with a plunging neckline, I could feel the whole room turn and look. That was a great feeling.

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