Margaret's Diet Chef Story

Life is restarting at 60!


In 2007, after suffering a breakdown due to my high pressured career and the unhealthy lifestyle that came with it, I felt I had lost my purpose in life.

My career was me. It made me feel my most confident and gave me something to hide behind, so people didn’t look beyond and see the real me.

My husband and I decided to move from Essex to rural Lincolnshire with my elderly mother, in the hope the change would help me regain my life and kick start a healthier lifestyle, but instead I found it had the opposite effect. By July 2013 I had reached 13st 8lbs and my health began to suffer.

When I was out walking the dogs my legs would lock and give way. Then, on a visit to the doctor, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and told I was borderline diabetic. At 61, I felt I was no longer me.

I see a lot of people in the local area using mobility scooters to get around and I was worried I would end up in the same position. So I decided to join my local gym and after reading about Diet Chef I signed up for the 12 week plan.

Within three months, I managed to lose 3 st and moved on to the maintenance plan for another month. Within five months I had lost 4st 7lbs and made the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Prior to my procedures, my surgeon told me I had a very weak lower abdomen, the area that safeguards the vital organs, and if I had not been made aware of it; it would have caused me problems as I got older.

I have a lot to thank Diet Chef for and will always be an ambassador for the plan. For me it seems life is restarting at 60!

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