Sue's Diet Chef Story

I've got my mojo back!


I had put on weight gradually – a combination of eating too much and not doing enough exercise – and at 12 stone 4lbs and only being 5 foot 1, I knew I had been overweight for a while. I was constantly tired and worn out; I knew I had to do something about it, I just didn’t know where to start.

The final straw however was when my niece got married in 2012. I hated shopping for my outfit for the wedding, I felt like nothing looked nice and at the wedding I felt out of place. I hated seeing myself in all the photographs and looking back at these photos made me realise I had to make a change.

After 8 months on Diet Chef I now weigh 9 stone 1lb and have lost 3stone 3lbs overall. I have kept the weight off since July 2013. As well as reaching my goal weight, my cholesterol levels and blood pressure have dropped significantly; it’s like my life has turned round, I have a lot more energy and no longer feel so run down.

Everyone was so pleased when I lost the weight and I have received so many compliments saying how great I look. Everything has improved; I’m so much happier and much more confident. I now enjoy spending more time in the gym and keeping fit and healthy. I feel like I’ve got my mojo back

The best thing about losing weight is enjoying shopping for new clothes – I absolutely love my new wardrobe!

Diet Chef is no fad diet. It fitted in with my busy lifestyle and the food is varied so I never got bored. I’ve been re-educated on how to look after myself and I’m happier than ever. My best friend has now signed up too after seeing my results – I love spreading the Diet Chef message, it really can change your life!

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