Meinir's Diet Chef Story

A year ago I couldn’t have even imagined being this slim. I never even felt like I was on a diet.


A year ago I couldn’t have imagined being this slim. I was size 20 and around 16st. I was extremely unhappy with my weight. It had been a long time since I’d actually been slim, but for a good year before starting Diet Chef, my weight had really been going up. Something needed to be done.

I was also dreading turning 30, and just being fat and single. So I decided to book a trip to cheer myself up. I’m a huge Sex and the City fan and have always wanted to go to New York. But I thought: “Will I even fit in the plane seat?” Comfort eating has been a problem. I was made redundant last year and put on 2st. Then something snapped.

I thought: “I want to be a size 8!”

I found the Diet Chef website and I liked what I read. The plan sounded so easy. There was practically no work involved. Everything was done for you. It sounded perfect for me. Something I could really stick to as all the hard work of dieting had been taken out. And I could see that it had worked for others too.

I learned portion control with Diet Chef: my dad got some meatballs – 300 calories each, about the same as a Diet Chef dinner, so I didn’t deprive myself. I had one with veg. Before I would’ve eaten two without thinking.

I now know that I don’t need to pile my plate or fill my bowl. A smaller portion is quite sufficient. And if I think I feel hungry, I’ll drink a glass of water first to see if my ‘hunger’ goes away as I may just be thirsty, not hungry.

I could eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, proper meals like coq au vin. People said: “You’re doing well.” And I’d say: “I’m not doing anything!” I call it ‘the lazy girl’s diet’. Now I’ve lost 6st in seven months. I’m also back with my boyfriend, which is great.

When I booked my New York flights, I was worried that people in the hotel would see me and think: “There’s that fat Welsh girl.” Now I’ll pose for photos in the lobby. And I’ve booked a Sex and the City tour. I can’t wait!

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