Natalie's Diet Chef Story

Before I started Diet Chef I hated my body and how I looked.


Before I started Diet Chef I hated my body and how I looked. I had very little self confidence. After trying several different diets they just did not suit, I'm quite a fussy eater so my choices on foods to eat were a bit restricted which always resulted in a fail.

Then my boyfriend told me about Diet Chef as he had tried it in the past himself and couldn't fault it. At first I was skeptical due to trying so many other diets in the past but once I saw the amount of choice I had to eat from the menu and the pure convenience of it all - being delivered straight to the door and only having to microwave the meals, I was optimistic!

I started in July 2016, a few weeks on Diet Chef and drinking 2 litres of water a day, the weight was falling off! People were noticing the change in me, some did not even recognise me. I felt great! So I continued..

1 year later, I have lost 4 stone, am feeling healthier, have started to get my confidence back, and have changed my whole attitude to eating. Before I ate what I wanted when I wanted, now I eat sensibly, but don't forget to treat myself every now and again too. It has changed my life, I am a lot happier and can treat myself to nice clothes I never would have had the confidence to wear before.

I would definitely recommend Diet Chef to anyone who is looking a healthy, convenient way to lose weight.

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