Kezia's Diet Chef Story

I'm the lightest I've been in a decade!


I always thought of myself as curvy, and became particularly aware of my weight after I was diagnosed with poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). However, it wasn’t until October 2012, when I split the dress I was wearing to friend’s wedding, that I began to realise it was time to do something about my weight.

Refusing to buy a size 20, I squeezed myself into a size 18 plain black dress. At the wedding reception, this decision came back to haunt me as I sat down at our table. My dress split right down my back, exposing my white pants. I was mortified.

I spent the rest of the evening with a shawl wrapped around me and sat in my chair through fear someone would notice.

In denial, this still wasn’t enough to break my bad eating habits.

It was in January 2013, when I was rushed into hospital with appendicitis, that I finally acknowledged I had a problem. The doctor told me that at 14st 9lbs, I was a high risk under anaesthetic – I might not wake up.

I signed up for Diet Chef almost instantly and within three months I’d lost two and a half stone.

I now weigh 9st 13lbs; the lightest I’ve been in a decade and through Diet Chef, plus the support and encouragement of my husband, I have learnt how to make healthy choices when it comes to meal times and maintain my weight loss.

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